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No two companies are the same and no two customers are the same. We communicate with you to make sure the message we send out truly represents you, attracts the customers you need to get in front of, and positions you as a leader in your industry.

Detailed Reporting

It’s your company, your success. Transparent reporting isn’t just information on a page. It’s proveable return on your investment. We provide detailed, consistent reports so you always know where you stand.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We know there’s nothing worse than a marketing company who’s too busy marketing themselves to pick up the phone or respond to your emails. At Veraahdy UpMEDIA we believe in “our business is your business”.

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Veraahdy UpMEDIA understands that there are many moving parts intertwined in the implementation, operations  and maintenance phase of a successful marketing campaign. 

We have access to particular landing pages for example that have been been dialled in to get the best possible result by way of conversion. Although there will always be a level of testing, most of the heavy lifting has already been done saving our clients starting from scratch. This potentially saves our clients having to spend thousands of dollars on testing to find successful media that we have already usually found. This makes the transition from starting a campaign to starting the flow of leads a shorter one and usually less expensive one as we are making these recourses available to our clients only.

At Veraahdy UpMEDIA, How We Serve ! !

Our business is your business.

With experience of over 30 years in traditional Business, the team at Veraahdy UpMEDIA (VUM) have been in your shoes, understanding that the lifeblood of any business is the supply of good quality trackable leads. VUM assists businesses by forwarding on high quality leads in a predictable manner. Having high quality leads predictably forwarded to your business on a daily basis again is critical to start the process of gaining a new client in order to grow. 

Businesses however that believe that this is the magic bullet for success can be bitterly disappointed. Although starting a flow of leads is critical it's what happens next that makes the difference between being a break even or failing campaign to a campaign that is profitable and an asset you can scale.

Businesses that understand this concept, put step by step processes in place in order to effectively be on call in order to attend to those leads in a timely manner. When we say timely we are definitely not suggesting that means sometimes in the next 24 hours. Timing is everything and in particular your urgency in handling the incoming leads. 

It is critically important what you say to those potential customers when they flow through as this is what will make or break the campaigns success.

Veraahdy Up MEDIA (VUM) has packages available to assist businesses in training processes in order to get the most out of the campaign while managing the add spend to obtain leads.

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