How Does Veraahdy Up Media Assist in Growing Your Businesses. 

Step 1: People subscribe to your offer by Automated text and become your customer, potentially worth hundreds over the life of their patronage. 

Veraahdy Up Media go to work building high converting landing pages for our clients that load super quick in order to provide the best chance for a successful subscriber. As your list grows so does your opportunity to deliver offer, incentives and updates. 

Step 2: Automatic Text messages are then pre-programmed in order update offers to your customers on a weekly basis. 

You could also send out special deals on particular days, as your list grows, that may be quiet for your business. Running a special promo encouraging clients to redeem an offer on that particular slow day could make a difference in breaking the cycle of "Tuesday is our quiet day" accepted mindset.

Step 3: With any successful business you must know and track your numbers. With our Revenue results platform you will know what promotions are working and not working. 

Being in an eyes up position of knowing  what lead generation campaigns are working and those that are not, positions the business for greater profitability. 

Lean on Veraahdy Up Media's Know How to get MORE customers AUTOMATICALLY that come back more often (spending extra when they do).